One day, Mark’s life turned upside-down thanks to unexpected, cute, and fluffy roommates!

Not only are they catgirls, but also shapeshifting beings from space!

Forced to leave their planet, the three sisters find shelter on Earth.


Meet the charming but stupid Rose, the timid bookworm Lily, and the calm engineer Iris!

Will they be able to return home?

How will they change Mark‘s daily life?


Find out in this lighthearted romance Visual Novel intertwined with comedy, a bit of drama, science-fiction, and fantasy!

NEKOKORO features:

  • Adorable and fluffy catgirls!
  • Three distinct character stories!
  • Partially animated characters and backgrounds!
  • Pleasant and energetic music!
  • Overflowing cuteness!
  • About 3–4 hours of content!

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Background artist – Vui Huynh

Editing & proofreading (Common route) – crystalscm

Editing & proofreading (Rose’s and Lily’s routes) – Helena PenDragon

Logo design – potouto

Written, directed, developed, character art – Mikołaj Spychał